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    The Erudite Alphabet

    Expanding upon the archetypal Alphabet book, The Erudite Alphabet explores the world of academia, craft, profession, and bizarre pseudoscience. Functioning as a learning tool for children and parents alike, The Erudite Alphabet investigates and illustrates complex words and topics ranging from Architecture to Zoometry. By speaking to parent and child in separate dialects, this book gives parents the answers needed to satisfy inquiring young minds, and provides an enjoyable reading experience for all ages.

    Inquiries about the book are welcome. Please get in touch for more information.


    The Washington Post

    Cover illustration for The Washington Post's Local Living section highlighting an article on misbehaving children.


    Ice Cream Death Museum

    Illustration for a killed article about strange museums.  The National Ice Cream Death Museum in Derbyshire is a museum devoted to major accidents, deaths and disasters caused by ice cream.


    Fucked Up

    2 colour silk screened poster commemorating Fucked Up's nomination for the 2012 Polaris Music Prize.